Top six IT skills to shape up 2022


The tech industry is witnessing an accelerated pace of disruption and is booming at an exponential rate today. With lucrative and diverse skillsets orchestrating the Indian IT environment, it has become a pre-requisite for talent to constantly look at upskilling and reskilling themselves to stay relevant. The demand for innovators skilled in handling advanced technologies is growing by the day as the need for such skilled professionals has now become imperative for tech companies to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. 

In the context of 2022, understanding which skills are essential to grab the most in-demand tech jobs play a crucial role. In addition to possessing legacy skills like COBOL and C++, a prospective candidate must also possess certain other competencies to stay ahead the curve. There are currently about five to six such competencies that recruiters are constantly on the lookout for in the industry. 

Full-stack developer

Currently, the Indian tech companies are searching for talents who are adept in handling both front-end and back-end development, as well as data analytics. Predominantly, the hiring for this role requires a candidate who is comfortable with handling three major java technologies. Candidates with competencies in Java full-stack, microservices and UI/UX based on Java, Angular and TwoDotO will shape up the demands in the industry. Within the core competency of Java, these are the three different adjacencies for which hiring of full-stack developers generally occur in India. 

Cloud Architect

With recurring evolutions in technologies used by the tech companies, a good majority of the legacy systems that are in place are being moved to the cloud. This migration is due to the ease of use, availability, speed and lesser downtime of the resources in the cloud. The cloud technologies with which most of the tech companies work are AWS, GCP, Google Cloud, Pivotal and OpenShift. These are five areas of cloud computing that are specifically looked at by tech companies while hiring candidates today. This growing need for migration into cloud has triggered a significant demand for networking SMEs and architects with an operational background in the above-mentioned cloud technologies. Professionals with prior experience in cloud computing or execution of data migration are heavily sought after by the IT cos. 

Big Data developers

Another competency that is on the rise due to data migration has been big data. For a smooth migration into the cloud, data processing on the backend is crucial. This has led to a growing demand for tech talents skilled in designing data storage systems. Professionals who are familiar with any ETL tool, including Informatica PowerCenter and SAP Data Services, are in high demand by Indian IT firms.

Automated and Manual Platform Testers

In this ever-evolving tech industry, migration, modernization, transformation and legacy movement are frequent occurrences. This combined with the numerous technologies in place to facilitate these processes makes it essential to have a set of skilled software testers to validate these operations. Professionals experienced in SDT and BDD testing are the most sought after software testers in the IT market today. 

DevOps Engineers

In most countries, DevOps engineers earn the highest salaries among software professionals. According to Jobted, the average salary of a DevOps engineer in India is more than 6.5 lakhs per annum, which is 69% higher than the national average. Companies are always looking for someone who can not just work on the stack and run DevOps, but also be an able manager and an agile coach. The aptitudes that are a must-have for a DevOps engineer includes working with the customers and the development team, narrating the story, defining the features and ensuring timely execution. Such competencies make a DevOps engineer an ideal prodigy for the position of CIO. 

Talent With Soft Skills 

Attributes such as analytical ability, solution mindset, and result-oriented outlook are some of the most important competencies required in any IT professional. In this industry, the ability to probe a situation analytically, and to work towards addressing the problem at hand, is just as important as being technically sound. Also, as departments in tech companies generally work in a team of at least 8-9 people, it is essential for an IT professional to be a team player. Hiring someone willing to collaborate in a non-hierarchical manner, and ensure that the deliverables are produced in time is of utmost importance for all tech companies today.

As we enter into a new era of rapid transformation and metaverse looming to be the ‘successor of mobile internet’ as claimed by Mark Zuckerberg, the tech industry is projected to be as revolutionary and dynamic as ever. With these changing times, the skill gaps among software professionals are bound to widen. To meet the ever-shifting demands of the tech industry, techies need a coherent understanding of these key requirements from the industry. Only by comprehending these needs can an IT professional be equipped with the right skills for the most sought after tech jobs in 2022. 



Views expressed above are the author’s own.