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Tornado Watch in effect for the Ohio Valley


HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Late this Wednesday afternoon, the wheels have been set in motion for some locally violent evening weather.

With the notion that the National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch for Ohio, and Kentucky and West Virginia counties on the border with Ohio, here is what you need to know.

The risk of severe weather (high winds, hail) will be heightened in the 6 until 10 pm time slot. Thunderstorms are forming now and will grow in stature and prominence until sundown. Most areas will get a downpour and a few lightning bolts accompanied by gusty winds. In the most unusual of circumstances, a funnel cloud could be spun up with a touchdown creating some localized damage.

The severe weather risk demands consideration for the following:

1. Keep the kids playing close by this evening. Since the sun will be out, keep the kids in shouting distance. If heading off to church services, keep a wary eye to the west and southwest horizon.

2. Secure outdoor furniture as you would before a thunderstorm.

3. If you have access to a garage or carport, park under the safe cover in the event that high winds or hail sweep through.

4. If you live in a mobile home, consider leaving until the storm watch has ended. While the chance that any one home would be impacted is small, should a high wind storm (straight line or circular) move through your community, the safer place to be would focus on a sturdier structure.

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