Valorant servers will be unavailable today from 14:00 PDT in preparation for patch 3.05 and the new map, Fracture


Valorant’s patch 3.05 update is right around the corner, and players are pretty excited to finally be able to get their hands on the new map, Fracture.

This will be the seventh map that gets introduced to the shooter and has been quite highly anticipated by fans, as it brings a lot of unique features.

However, apart from the features, the map is integral to Valorant’s lore, as Fracture provides further expositions on the mirror verse theory in the game, which was first teased by Riot Games during the Duality cinematic.

Though an exciting moment for all enthusiasts, the new map release will require players to compromise on their game time quite a bit. The Valorant servers will be going down today, September 8, from 14:00 PDT (September 9, 2.30 am IST), and will remain unavailable for quite some time after that, in preparation for the Fracture and Agent updates.

Valorant’s upcoming map Fracture and Spectrum skin line release today

The official patch notification (Image via Valorant’s Service Status)
The official patch notification (Image via Valorant’s Service Status)

According to Valorant’s Service Status report, the severs for the shooter across all the regions will be unavailable from 14:00 PDT.

However, the map and Agent updates are not the only things that will be added to the game today, as Valorant is also gearing up for the launch of its very first “Exclusive” weapons cosmetic line.

The Spectrum set will see Riot collaborating with renowned musician Zedd in welcoming an incredible, one-of-a-kind set of weapon skins to the game. The Spectrum set will focus extensively on sound design and colorful visuals, but it’s an Exclusive set, the bundle will be priced at 10,700 Valorant Points.

Valorant’s Spectrum set will consist of the following weapon skins:

  • Spectrum Phantom
  • Spectrum Classic
  • Spectrum Bulldog
  • Spectrum Guardian
  • Waveform melee

Each weapon skin can be upgraded by four levels with the use of Radianite Points, and the final tier will provide a banner and an insanely cool finisher.

The Spectrum bundle is set to be released today with Fracture in Valorant patch 3.05.