Watch: Specially Abled Man Sells Fruits For Sick Mother; Internet Is Touched By His Story


The internet is full of interesting stories and videos that tug at our heartstrings. There is always some kind of content which makes us feel happy and emotional at the same time. And recently, one such video that made us feel all kinds of happy emotions is the story of a specially abled fruit seller called Anu. When YouTuber Ted Kunchok was on his trip to a beautiful and picturesque hill station, he spotted a fruit seller sitting by the road and documented his experience with him. What unfolded in the 10-minute heart-warming video definitely makes us realize how important compassion and kindness are in today’s world.

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In the video captured by Ted Kunchok, he firsts makes a conversation with the fruit seller and soon realizes that the man is specially abled. On questioning him about his business and why he sells oranges- Anu reveals that he has been selling oranges for a while as his mother is sick at home. He also says that the business has been down due to the low number of tourists because of the pandemic.

Despite the many challenges that Anu is facing, he keeps up his smile and tries his best to earn. He even asks the YouTuber if he would be willing to buy all the oranges. And in the act of kindness, we can see Ted Kunchok buying all the fruits. Further in the video, we can also see him helping out Anu with some extra money.

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Since the video was uploaded, it has garnered more than 13 lakh views and 89k comments. Many people have appreciated Ted’s gesture. One person wrote, “What we see here is not simply a disabled young man, what we are seeing is beautiful humanity, love and decency and a smile so pure that not even the depths of hell could diminish,” while another person said, “This truly touched my heart. Damn I’m speechless. May he always be surrounded by the kindness of strangers and no harm comes to him.”

Another user also said, “Compassion for our fellow human beings is something that’s been lacking in this world lately. Not going to lie, this pulls on my heartstrings.”

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