Waters Wavelength Podcast: Vendor lock-in and interoperability


Wei-Shen Wong, Asia Editor, and Anthony Malakian, Editor-in-Chief of WatersTechnology, record a weekly podcast touching on the biggest stories in financial technology.


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James Crosby, founder and CEO of data management firm Fencore, which is based out of Singapore, joins Wei-Shen on the podcast this week. They talk about the risks of vendor lock-in and how firms—both end-users and service providers—are working towards interoperability.

4:30 – James joins the podcast and gives an overview of what Fencore does.
8:30 – They discuss if there’s a balance between creating product stickiness and true openness.
12:30 – What are the biggest risks of vendor lock-in? 
15:00 – How should firms balance consolidation of system providers versus spreading across different providers?
17:30 – James talks about how having a single approach to systems is a utopian ideal.
19:00 – What needs to happen to achieve true interoperability between different systems? 
21:30 – James walks through the work required in implementing and configuring a new platform.
23:30 – How does providing flexibility to the end-user work from a contracting perspective? 
28:00 – They discuss what the end state of interoperability may look like.

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