What is 3 naan and why is the Pakistani internet obsessed with it? – Comment


There are two kinds of people on Pakistani Twitter — those who say 3 naan and those who froth with anger and confusion in the face of it. Which one are you?

‘3 naan’ is a phrase that has spread across the Pakistani Twitterverse like a virus determined to conquer. It has touched hundreds who now croak the words 3 naan with no comprehension of the term — everyone’s hopping on the 3 naan bandwagon.

But if you’re like us and countless others, dear reader, you might be losing your mind trying to decode this mystery. Well, not to worry, we’ve done the research for you.

Hang tight, this is going to get really weird, really fast.

This was all of us when confronted with our Twitter feeds flooded with naans.

Us bribing people to spill the tea on the naan already.

Anger is the second stage of grief.

And being emo is a lifestyle.

Meanwhile 3 naan stans.

Curiosity may kill the cat.

But true detectives never give up. Fan theory incoming.

Someone from the BTS ARMY actually thought they’d dropped a new track. The disappointment when they found out.

Acceptance is the last stage of grief.

Now for the grand reveal — drum roll please. What if we told you that the actual explanation makes just as little sense as the tweets and that in this case, perhaps no explanation was better? Hashtag meme culture.

A girl went around her school saying 3 naan to random people. That’s pretty much it.

There’s another possible origin story.

We don’t know why this is funny, it certainly makes no sense to us but perhaps that’s the beauty of it — it is absolutely nonsensical and it’s still catching on like wildfire. Maybe we’ve seen too many naans and it’s growing on us but one thing’s for sure — we’re getting too old for the internet and its shenanigans.