What You Need To Know About The Latest Technologies Impacting Health Care


The pandemic had an impact on nearly every aspect of health care, accelerating the use of technologies such as telehealth, AI, and 5G, at an impressive pace.

As health care providers overhauled their systems to meet the new realities of seeing patients during a global pandemic, the industry saw a significant uptick in AI and other innovations — and was forced to confront data privacy, security, and IP questions. 

While advances in health care technology lead to better and more accessible care for patients, they can also pose unexpected challenges for health care organizations and technology developers, as well as the lawyers who represent them. PLI is offering a one-day program titled Health Care Technology 2022, which will address how today’s health care industry is harnessing AI, data, cloud, 5G, and other emerging technologies, as well as best practices for their use.

In the program, a team of thought leaders will look at the future of health care IT and some of the hottest innovations we’re seeing today, outline best practices for negotiating or renegotiating health care IT agreements, touch on intellectual property issues, and tackle the issue of privacy and data security challenges. 

Other topics to be discussed include:

  • The importance of upgrading IT Agreements for Digital Health
  • How telehealth will be impacted by looking to lessons from the near future
  • What to look for in health care cloud contracts
  • Best practices for handling data privacy and cybersecurity
  • What you need to know to assess apps, bots, and mobile devices       

The program will provide valuable information for attorneys representing or working as in-house counsel at health care organizations and life science companies. Register today.