Why I fell out of love with the iPhone SE


I’ve always had a soft spot for the iPhone SE. I bought the original iPhone SE not long after it debuted, and continued to use it right up until the point where its battery cried for mercy about a year or so ago. I don’t know that I’d qualify as the world’s biggest iPhone SE fan, but I’d be in the running for the title. It was certainly my device of choice among the best iPhones.

Why such affection for the iPhone SE? Because in an era when phone screens have grown more comically oversized, the iPhone SE has kept things sensibly compact. You could slip it in and out of your pocket with ease, while your friends had to hire sherpas to tote around their Max and Ultra and Plus-sized monstrosities. The fact that the iPhone SE was Apple’s cheapest iPhone by far also appealed to me, a notorious cheapskate who hates spending money even more than dealing with super-sized mobile devices.