“World first” PS5 Slim model built by a YouTuber


A YouTuber has decided to take it upon themselves to bring down the size of the PS5, and dubbed it the console’s first Slim model.

The entire insides of the PS5 were rearranged and some even changed to bring it down from its mammoth size and scale to just 2cm thick, a similar size to a DVD case.

You can check out the half-an-hour-long DIY Perks video below:

After a few hiccups, viewers can see at the 26-minute mark that the “PS5 Slim” actually works as it’s hooked up to a screen that shows the start-up sequence for the console. Horizon Forbidden West was left running for several hours on the console, with the temperature of the console read throughout to make sure it didn’t overheat.

Since the PS5’s release in 2020, Sony has not announced any sort of new model of the console, and instead has released new plate colours that can be interchanged with the current white model.

There’s currently no indication when, or if, Sony will release a newer model of the PS5. That said, it’s been an industry standard since the PS3 and Xbox 360-era, so it’s more than likely.

PS5 console and DualSense controller. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Besides continuing to launch games on the PS5, Sony has made several PC-friendly announcements over the last month as PlayStation-exclusives The Last Of Us and Marvel’s Spider-Man have both been announced for PC.

Elsewhere, the PlayStation Plus revamp is also now live in the US (with Europe to follow soon), and you can now check out what the service offers, including classic titles.

In other news, Dune: Spice Wars newest update adds multiplayer to the game, giving players 2v2 or four player free-for-all game modes to engage with.