YouTuber crashes driverless car to test iPhone’s Crash Detection feature | Trending


iPhone 14 Pro was just launched a few days ago. Expectedly, many content creators are busy testing the different features of this device. Amid them, a video by YouTuber TechRax has left people stunned. In his latest video, he tested the Crash Detection feature of the device by crashing a driverless remote controlled car multiple times.

According to Apple, when the iPhone 14 pro detects a car crash, it displays an SOS alert which the user can approve or reject. However, in case the user fails to take an action in 20 seconds and is unresponsive, the iPhone will get in touch with the emergency services and play an audio message to alert them about the crash. The message will also contain the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of the user.

“Time to test out the iPhone 14 Pro’s new crash detection feature. Does it actually work? Video was filmed in a safe and controlled environment,” the YouTuber wrote and shared the clip. The video opens to show a car parked in the middle of an open field. The YouTuber, along with his team, tapes an iPhone to the headrest of a seat and starts the experience.

Take a look at the video to know about the results:

The video has been posted two days ago. Since being shared, it has gathered nearly three lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also received various comments from people.

“I was expecting the crash detection to be triggered only if it was an intense crash with the car being completely totaled. But even with your first test when the crash was light at low speed the phone picked it up. Honestly impressive,” wrote a YouTube user. “Massive respect to TechRax for being the first crazy big YouTuber just to show us the iPhone 14 Pro Crash Detection system if it works,” expressed another. “I genuinely thought that the car was going to crash into the electricity poles haha,” commented a third.